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We have compiled a list of frequently utilized support groups, education classes, and Mental Health related Community Resources. For a copy of the Resource List Click here.

The Mental Health Community in Lane County, Oregon

Lane County Oregon has a network of agencies which work together to assist persons who develop mental illness. You can learn more about these organizations by clicking on their names to visit their websites. Please also see for information on illness and recovery.

Lane County Behavioral Health Services


Laurel Hill

Children’s Services

Whenever mental illness strikes the child in a family, it is a particularly cruel tragedy. Although the most frequent age of onset is age 18-23, early-onset illness is a fact of life. Not only must the parents and siblings deal with the grief of the theft of their child’s personality, and endure the disruption of family life by behavioral manifestations, but they must cope with unremitting bereavement. And perhaps the hardest of all, they must face a world that all too often still blames “bad parenting” for the disease that has afflicted their child.

The glimmer of good news for families is that this is a time of great hope medically. Doctors now use terms like “remission,” and researchers are diligently working towards a cure. NAMI, our powerful advocacy organization, is dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with severe mental illnesses and participates as a driving force in legislative and medical progress.

In Lane County, we are fortunate to have several programs that serve children with psychiatric illness. There is also an effective family support network.

Lane School is a special education program for students who have had a history of serious behavior problems in school. The program consists of two components: a short-term, self-contained day school, and a teacher consultant program that provides technical assistance to local district school teachers. Eligible students must have an Individual Education Plan and have been referred by their local school district. The K-3 classroom is located at Page Elementary School in Springfield.

The Child Center provides psychiatric day treatment and special education services to children who are identified as experiencing emotional disturbance. The Child Center is a non-profit human services agency offering a continuum of psychiatric treatment for children, providing diagnostic, therapeutic and educational services and treatment intervention. Their main programs are:

PSYCHIATRIC DAY TREATMENT—includes special education, comprehensive assessment and intensive mental health services for seriously emotionally disturbed or behavior-disordered children, ages 3-12, where counseling for families is an important part of the program.

SHORT TERM DAY TREATMENT PROGRAM—day treatment program for children 5-11 years.

OUTPATIENT PROGRAM—individual and family therapy. It also provides consultation with schools to help keep the child in a public school setting.

SCAR/Jasper Mountain Safe is a service of Lane County Department of Youth Services. Safe provides stabilization, assessment, and family evaluation services to children ages 4-12 and their families. They serve children who are in need of inpatient comprehensive mental health evaluation, or who have recently been hospitalized and are in need of a less restrictive therapeutic environment. The program is short-term, 30 to 90 days. Interventions are designed to stabilize the child, determine a plan for ongoing treatment, and find appropriate placement.

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