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Strategic Plan

2015 – 2018 or 19

In early 2015, the Master Plan Focus Group* recommended that the Board agree to a new strategic plan for the organization. They suggested the plan extend 3-4 years to aid in pacing and structuring, purposeful decision-making, and to use as arguing points for funding. As a general guideline, the plan should be specific enough to guide the organization in the right direction but not so specific that the organization can’t grow organically.

The focus group recommended that the Board:

  • Agree to hold the number of resource centers we maintain to three (the original resource center now located at Lane County Behavioral Health, the new one with Peace Health, and the new center at the state hospital in Junction City). It’s important to stabilize and build these resource enters before adding more;
  • Desire to extend services and resources to outlying Lane County areas by establishing satellite offices;
  • Seek to strengthen the effectiveness of our advocacy for mental health;
  • Strive to sustain the viability and value of our core programs and services;
  • Plan to develop outreach into public schools.

At its 2015 Retreat, the Board accepted these recommendations as its Strategic Plan.

*An ad hoc committee formed by Board president, Lesley Rex and comprised of board members Colin Alspach, Scott Diehl, Tanya Petersen and Lesley Rex and the NAMI LC Executive Director. The president called for the Master Plan Focus Group to review NAMI LC’s current operational plan, compare it to the guidelines set forth by NAMI National, and recommend and/or develop necessary improvements that will ensure NAMI LC continues to thrive.

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