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Volunteer Spotlight: Eloyce and Richard Enloe


A Conversation with Eloyce and Richard

      1.What volunteer positions have you done or currently do in NAMI?

  • Joined NAMI in May 1995. We took Family to Family Classes and Training and then taught the classes. We took Support group training and led the support groups for 10 years. We volunteered in the office. We set-up the clothing room and have been running it for about 23 years. Richard also repairs and provides bicycles for clients in need.
  1. What keeps your inspired in your volunteer role at NAMI? 
  • We became aware of the many needs of the NAMI clients and want to continue to help meet those needs as long as we can.
  1. Do you have a favorite quote or expression about Mental Health? 
  • “There is hope even when your brain tells you there isn’t.”  – John Green, Turtles all the Way Down.
  1. Why would you recommend others to volunteer at NAMI? 
  • If you want to feel good about yourself then give to others by volunteering. You will get back so much more than you could possibly ever give!

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