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Volunteer Spotlight: Sally Diehl


A Conversation with Sally 

      1.What volunteer positions have you done or currently do in NAMI?

  • Support Group Facilitator for 18-16 years, Active member since 1999. Family to Family instructor. Taught Family-to-Family 11 times. Silver Member of the NAMI Education Hall of Fame for conducting more than 10 classes. Volunteered at Holiday parties.
  1. What keeps your inspired in your volunteer role at NAMI? 
  • The dedication and devotion of all the other volunteers and family members that are out there and need it. Knowing there is such a huge need in the community and hoping to be able to reach as many families as possible. Helping the families cope with their caregiving burdens and helping them remember they are not alone.
  1. Do you have a favorite quote or expression about Mental Health? 
  • Be able to be proud of the actions you take as a caregiver while being gentle with yourself and releasing the things you can’t control.
  1. Why would you recommend others to volunteer at NAMI? 
  • It’s been an enriching and fulfilling life experience that could only have been fulfilled by becoming a member and volunteer of NAMI. It has been an ongoing volunteer journey for almost 20 years that I would recommend to anyone.

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