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Volunteer Spotlight: Tina Mourer


A Conversation with Tina 

    1.What volunteer positions have you done or currently do in NAMI?

  • I have volunteered as a greeter at the summer picnic. I also file and do some data entry for updating the volunteer information. Additionally, I make sure there is updated information for all of the active NAMI facilitators and educators. Finally, I am an active In Our Own Voice presenter.
  1. What keeps your inspired in your volunteer role at NAMI? 
  • NAMI has helped me with my own mental health struggles and I believe that it is my way of giving back and also doing my part to raise awareness.
  1. Do you have a favorite quote or expression about Mental Health? 
  • I am not my diagnosis.
  1. Why would you recommend others to volunteer at NAMI? 
  • I have always recommended NAMI to others because of what it stands for. The education and breaking down the stigma to raise awareness is something that I believe in. Self-awareness and education is so very important.

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