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Volunteer of the Year: Christine Gray


A Conversation with Christine 

    1.What volunteer positions have you done or currently do in NAMI?

  • I’m a NAMI Connections facilitator and I co-lead the NAMI Peer-to-Peer Education classes. I’m also a new member of the Education Committee.
  1. What keeps your inspired in your volunteer role at NAMI? 
  • I’m inspired by the people who come to groups and classes. Over time I get to see them overcome stigma, learn to advocate for themselves and become better able to manage their symptoms.
  1. Do you have a favorite quote or expression about Mental Health? 
  • I have a lot, but some probably aren’t appropriate here. “I grew up in this kind of fishbowl existence and I figured, if people were going to say it about me, then I was going to say it first and I was going to say it better. It’s my way of trying to own a situation.” Carrie Fisher.
  1. Why would you recommend others to volunteer at NAMI? 
  • I would honestly say that I get far more back from volunteering than I give. It really is inspiring to get to know group members and watch them grow and flourish over time. If I facilitate a group or run a class and feel like there was one person who got something out of it, I can go home happy.

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